The Dark Joker Rizes Slot

All experienced gamblers have long been accustomed to slots with a fruit theme: the usual symbols of fruit, stars and bars – this is a real classic slot machine. Nevertheless, from time to time eminent developers of gambling software, such as Yggdrasil, manage to breathe new life into the bored


The Dark Joker Rizes slot machine from the manufacturer Yggdrasil has very unusual features of the gameplay, even too unusual, as for a game with a classic theme. However, this only once again confirms that Yggdrasil knows a lot about creating original products. So, before starting the game on the slot, you need to bet, considering that all 10 lines are active by default. In The Dark Joker Rizes slot machine, the face value of the credit is initially regulated from 0.01 to 1.00 in the Coin Value option. The size of the bet in this slot is permanently equal to 10 credits. The pay lines in The Dark Joker Rizes slot have a very atypical structure, which can be found in the information section, since there are no line designations on the Reels themselves. So, in fact, there are only five lines, but each of them can play both on the left and on the right side, therefore as a result the number of lines is displayed as 10. This factor must be taken into account when making a bet.

How to play

In The Dark Joker Rizes slots from the manufacturer Yggdrasil there is neither a scatter nor a bonus symbol, which is generally often found in classic slots. However, the developers have prepared another, very generous and unusual surprise, consisting in the possibilities of the bonus symbol – the Dark Joker. The fact is that when three or more Dark Jokers appear on any sections of the reels, the player relies to the Mystical Win. For three Jokers, the player will receive a prize of 1000-6000 credits, for four – 3000-6000, and for five – 6000 game nominal values. What exactly the payment from the intended range will be received by the player will only be determined by chance.

In addition, the loss of any winning combination on the slot gives the player the opportunity to activate the Joker mode. Thus, the amount of credits relying on the addition of a combination can be credited to the balance of the player (then the bonus mode is canceled), and can be used in the Joker mode, where the user has a significant chance to make a much bigger sum up to 6000. It represents a few spins, during which the appearance of two Joker symbols brings the Mystical Win from 20 to 6000 denominations. Each spin in this mode is worth 20 newly won credits. Consequently, if a player has a combination, for example, a value of 60 credits, he can make 3 spins in the Joker mode, relying on receiving the coveted prize. Spins in this bonus mode can be completed not only upon completion of the reserve of credits, but also in case of accrual of at least 500 bonus denominations for losing 2 Jokers. The design for the time of this round will also change slightly: in the columns with the Joker heads, hot lava will circulate on the sides of the drums.

In addition, when you receive a Mystical win in any of the game modes on The Dark Joker Rizes slot, the player can be awarded bonus spins of the reels. How many users will receive them and whether they will receive them at all is decided at random. If the player is still given several free spins, then at the time of their holding the Jokers will get the opportunity to freeze, remaining on the places where they fell, until the end of the round.